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CycleYouth / CycleYouth DEVO is a non-profit bicycle racing team dedicated to the development of young cyclists. CycleYouth Inc. is a premier off-road racing developmental program.

CycleYouth DEVO League is a program for introducing kids to bicycling and racing through local support such as shops, schools etc, while CycleYouth Regional is a place for our more advanced athletes to grow.

The goal for DEVO is to encourage youth participation in racing by providing an organized team structure, teaching the skills and knowledge needed to pursue the sport effectively, and fostering interaction with kids with similar interests. CY DEVO is open to boys and girls 12-18.

For 2014 local bike shops around the southeast in FL, GA and TN are hosting our DEVO teams. As much as possible this is a bike shop junior team which the junior team manager and the bike shop treat independantly of the other DEVO teams.

This provides our racers association with local shops and the service they provide. Shops are able to use CY DEVO to help their young customers get involved with cycling and racing. Currently we are working with these shops:
MTB in Atlanta, GA, C-Town Conyers, GA, The Hub in Athens, GA, MOAB in TN and two TBA in FL.

There are several product manufacturer sponsors that work with CycleYouth and offer all our juniors discounts or deals which come directly throgh CycleYouth. Many of these are listed as CycleYouth sponsors. Most of the junior DEVO product support will come through the sponsoring bike shop at a discounted rate.

For the racers that really want to get crazy with racing we have a Regional Team, sometimes called the Elite Team, where we can provide support for 17 and 18 year old expert-level juniors looking to compete on a more national-level stage. For this, the riders funnel out of the local bike shop team structure and into a regional racing team structure where the support comes directly through the team and it's sponsors.

The only qualifications to join the DEVO team is purchase of team kit, a serviceable mountain bike, appropriate helmet and shoes, and the willingness to put forth the effort needed to race mountain bikes. DEVO riders are NOT required to ride the bike shop's brand of bike; new team members may ride their current bike. We do ask that if DEVO team members purchase a new bike while on the team, that it be a through their participating bike shop or sponsor.

Many CycleYouth DEVO teams typically compete in their local run series events. GSC Series and the SERC runs from late March through August. TBRA runs all year as well as other areas of our coverage. If team members elect to do so, they can also compete in other regional events. Teams also compete in 12 or 24 hour events as usually a 4-man team.

CycleYouth does not dictate what a rider does or what class he'she chooses to compete in; we only support the rider to help them reach their goals.

For Membership please contact the DEVO manager Dave Anderson

Interested in joining our team? Use the contacts below. CycleYouth DEVO has all levels of riders.

Dave Anderson, General DEVO Manager email
Don Newman, Athens Area DEVO Manager email
Andy Johnston, General Manager email

CycleYouth DEVO has been active in expanding the racing classes in the southeast. We have seen the addition of a well-attended Junior Sport class and are able to add a Junior Expert class for on a by-need basis for the SE area racing. The 11-14 and 15-18 (beginner distance) classes are still the largest junior fields
All the junior classes seem to be growing and we want to support the events and racers.


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Thank you to our sponsors, patrons, parents and team for making us a success

junior mountain bike racing team


2015 Racing Calendar

See us at these events:


24 Team Ride, Tribble Mill  (Saturday)

31  Tribble Mill 3/6 Hour 


8  Snake?


22  Team Ride, Yellow River (Saturday)


1  Team Ride, Conyers (Saturday)

8  Snake Creek Gap TT

14 Conyers 3/6 Hour

22  SERC 1 Newberry, FL

29  SERC/GSC 2 Conyers, GA



12 SERC 3 Tasli, NC

19 Speed Banana Epic Sage 4-Hr, Yellow River

26 SERC/GSC 4 Fort Yargo, GA





24 SERC/GSC 5 Jackson, GA  (Saturday TT)




12-19 MTB Summer Camp

28 SERC 7 Clemson, SC



12  National Championships, Mammoth CA



27-Aug 1 MTB Summer Camp High School 


2 SERC/GSC 8, Helen, GA









27 Jackrabbit 3/6 Hour, NC



MTB Camps
June 12-19
age 14-22
July 27-Aug 1
ages 11-18

contact us for which camp to attend or come to both